The Process

College Planners of South Carolina makes the process of selecting a college EASY!

What to Expect

The process of selecting college options involves obtaining and reviewing transcripts and test scores, as well as evaluation the academic, social, emotional and financial needs of the student. A planner works with the student while being taught what they should be looking in a school. Students are empowered as they develop ownership in the college selection process. The planner works directly with an educational consultant. The educational consultant generates a list of “good fit” schools, but the decision rests with the student and their family. The planner will assist the student through the entire application process and this can include traveling and touring of colleges. Please take look at our services.


College Planners of South Carolina have planners throughout the state who are available to assist your child through the process. The educational consultant works hand in hand with the planner, and the planner works with the student. The student’s role is to follow through with appointments and instructions provided by the planner.

Who and When?

The best time to begin the college selection process is at the beginning of the student’s junior year, however, some parents choose to begin mid-year of the junior year. It is never too early or too late to begin planning your future! Here are the benefits of working with College Planners of South Carolina.