The Benefits

A College Planners of South Carolina student will typically apply to about ten schools. This places the student and their family in a position to choose what is best for them, instead of hoping any school will choose them.
Of the many colleges in the United States, only around 125 are difficult to get into. The remaining colleges are really fair game for most students. Some schools place more emphasis on test scores, while other schools place more emphasis on other factors. Schools have certain qualities that they look for in a student, and students and their families obviously have certain qualities they are looking for in a school. College Planners of South Carolina assists the student, parents and the school in aligning those qualities to achieve a good fit.
College Planners of South Carolina work exclusively for the student and their parents. Our planners and educational consultant do not receive any money from the schools, which allows them to remain objective when creating a list of school options.

I hate to think of where we would be had it not been for the excellent direction we received from Jenny Whittle. She comes to the first meeting brimming with ideas and genuine enthusiasm for the process ahead. With her first hand knowledge of a myriad of college campuses and curriculums, she helped us fine tune our ideas into a concise list we could work with. The colleges she recommended were perfect fits for our children. Hats off to Jenny Whittle and College Planners of SC!