America’s Top Colleges And The Scores They Expect

Every year FORBES evaluates colleges to identify what the tops schools are and what it takes to get into them. By examining the institutions requirements from SAT scores, standardized testing and overall GPA, they provide a list worth looking at!

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Just Graduated And Already Freaking Out About Debt?

Have you recently graduated and are worried about debt? You are not alone. This article provides some helpful steps to relieve your debt anxieties and ways to work to solve them over time.

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You Have Graduated… What Comes Next?

Looking to build a life and career you love? This female executive delivers advice from her real life experience with that of other female executives. She writes, “But it’s only been in the past six months, based on my interviews with about 40 C-suite women, that I’ve come to believe that building the career and life of your dreams really boils down to a relatively small number of things — 10, to be exact.” If you are a recent graduate and just starting out, check out her 10 things to do now.

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College Majors With The Highest Starting Salaries

Good read! This article in Forbes, uses information released in a study by Michigan State University’s Collegiate Employment Research Institute to determine the 20 college majors that have the the highest starting salaries for graduates.

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Millennials Are Uncertain…

This takes a look at the topic of millennials being entitled. The author writes, “But what I think employers and teachers are seeing and complaining about these days, is not an entire generation beset with a personality disorder. It’s simply a cohort of young people unsure of where they stand and what to expect.” Don’t miss this great read.

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10 Things Kids MUST Know Before College

This article goes through the 10 things that every kid should know before they head off to college. Making the right decisions and being aware of these key things can help you get the most out of your college years.

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How To Embrace Change

Great article written by a college sophomore on the inevitably of change throughout your college days and how to embrace it and grow from it as a result. Her mantra is, “My whole world could fall apart tomorrow, but tomorrow could also be the best day of my life.”

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Top colleges for women studying STEM

STEM is term used to describe the majors of (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math). Those studying STEM majors usually graduate with well-paying careers. This is a great look at the top 5 colleges for women studying STEM.

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Engineers of Feminism

Inspiring article for women interested in STEM. “STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) is my passion and it runs so deep that I forget to educate myself on issues women face in other fields.”

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Financial Aid Can Help You Pay for College

Most full-time college students receive some type of financial aid to offset the cost of college allowing them to earn their college degrees. This article explains and provides resources for the various types of financial aid available to college students.

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