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Job Candidates: Ten Things I Look For

An HR veteran with over 30 years in human resources, the writer shares the top ten things she looks for in a job candidate. In her HR experience, she has hired thousands of people and offers insightful tips. Check it out!

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FAFSA: 7 Things You Should Know Before Filing

Well, it’s time to start thinking about your college financial aid (if you haven’t already)! That also means it’s time to prepare to file your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). FAFSA form submissions can be made beginning October 1. Check out this article for 7 things you should know before filing.

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10 Lies Recruiters Tell You

Are you a job seeker working with a recruiter or considering working with a job recruiter? If so, this article is a great read to help you know 10 lies that the recruiter may tell. With this knowledge, you’ll know the right questions to ask when learning about how you could work together…

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SAT Prep: Answering SAT Command of Evidence Questions

One type of question you’ll find on both sections of the SAT are command of evidence questions. Command of evidence questions require you to examine the evidence that is used in reading passages. The article states, “Although it is a great idea to always base your answers on evidence, command of evidence items mandate it.” This is a great read for SAT prep!

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Athletic Scholarships… 4 Myths and Truths

This is an interesting read that addresses both myths and truths when it comes to receiving athletic scholarships for college. If you are a high school athlete, then you’ll want to check this out.

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Top Colleges That Are Flexible With Test Scores

Not a strong test taker? Well, for these top colleges and universities your test scores aren’t everything. Check out this list of 20 top colleges that are flexible with their test score policies.

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