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Financial Aid Can Help You Pay for College

Most full-time college students receive some type of financial aid to offset the cost of college allowing them to earn their college degrees. This article explains and provides resources for the various types of financial aid available to college students.

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Struggling to Pick a Major?

Struggling to Pick a Major? For some, it’s an easy decision, while for most of us the path is not so obvious. It takes quite a bit of work to help determine the right major and career for you. This article offers advice to help guide you as you determine your college major.

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7 Types of College Campus Visits

Applying to or been accepted to multiple schools? The ability to visit many college campuses may not always be an option. This article explores seven types of college visits prospective students should consider from group tours to virtual visits.

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How to answer the question: ‘Why Should We Hire You?’

At one job interview or another you will most likely be asked, ‘Why Should We Hire You?’ The article provides five ways to answer the question. If you are currently interviewing (or will interview again in the future) read on!

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New Job Search Rules For Graduates

For some college graduates, the job search is already complete and they are preparing to start their careers. “But for most graduates, the summer will be spent searching for their first full-time job.” Once celebrations have commenced, this article will help provide job search tips/rules to get the search started.

New Job Search Rules For This Year’s Graduates

Good Reasons To Quit Without Having Another Job Lined Up

While we often heed the advice that you should “Never quit a job before you have another job to go to!” However, this article offers up 10 good reasons to quit your job even though you do not have a new job lined up.

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Studying Abroad in High School?

This article, written by an Italian high school student who studied abroad in the US, provides some insight and reasons why your child shouldn’t wait until college to study abroad.

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